Cruising and the disabled #3

Let’s get back to our discussion about how cruises works with the disabled.

  • What are the difficulties when getting in and off the ships? Getting on and the ship should be no problem at the big ports, and so getting on and off the cruises should be no problem. The problem comes when you try to go on the excursions. Sometimes the only way to get off is by lots of steps. And there can be further complications when seas are rough. Norwegian has ratings on all their excursions which will tell you how difficult will be.
  • Do you charge any addition feeto travelers disabilities? Norwegian’s short answer is no. However, most disabled people are going to want the nicer rooms, which are going to cost more. Let them know what you will need as far as special equipment at the time you make your booking, so that they can be prepared.
  • Are service pets allowed? Norwegian allows service dogs. There are several other types of pets that can be used by people with disabilities. The cruiseline allows anything that follow the ADA guidelines. You will be required to gather all the necessary paperwork.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

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