Working with a travel agent


I have several things I am going to try to get done. I still have a lot of e-mail that I need to go through after being gone for three weeks. I think I have another article I am about ready to send out. And I just have a lot of other ideas. So I am going to write about something fairly familiar.

First, let’s go through some of why it is wise to use a travel agent.. I personally do not charge anything over and above what I will make from commissions from your hotel and whatever other vendors we may use to book your dream trips. I’ll be honest, I have not done much booking myself yet , but I’m part of a large host agency. And if something does not go right on the trips hotels and other vendors usually listen better to travel agents who can either send a lot of business their way or avoid them like the plague.

My hope is that when you book one trip through me, you’ll find out how easy and convenient it is to book through me and will want to book all your trips through me. So it truly helps when I can learn as much about you and your family as I can. What kind of hotels do you like to stay in? Do you like the idea of an all inclusive vacation, where a lot of your meals and other activities are covered? Do you want to rough it on your trip, or do you like luxury? These are just a few of the questions I will be asking when you start working with me.

But I know that all good relationships are not one sided. It help when you get to know me as well. I love this job. I have a lot of hopes and dreams for this business. And mainly they revolve around helping families reconnect through travel. Families are so busy these days with all of their activities that they make little time for each other. Vacations take us out of our busy lives and help us reconnect with the ones we love most.

Could your family really use a vacation? Or do you know of another family that might? Please let me know.

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