Traveling with the in-laws

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Tuesday is the morning I meet with friends to have a bible study. I’m just getting a later start for today, and then had trouble figuring out what to write about.

In-laws… Even if we don’t have them because we aren’t married yet, we have siblings who are married or friends who are married.. I know sometimes in-laws get along great, others it’s best to keep them separated as much as possible. But like it or not, you are going to have to travel with them at some point. And traveling together can be difficult even when you love each other. Here are some tips that might help help everything go as smoothly as possible.

  • You will want to figure out how they usually travel. Do they like doing things on the cheap, are they people who live for luxury, or are they somewhere in the middle?
  • If you haven’t spent a lot of time with them yet, you might want to quiz your other half on quirks, forbidden subjects and things like that. You want to avoid stepping on toes if you can.
  • And that works both ways. Try to get your spouse to tell his parents about you too? Are there things they need to know? You might be a morning person, but tend to enjoy being by yourself first thing. You may be uncomfortable when people stat telling certain kinds of jokes. Or maybe they aren’t really into anything green, but that is your passion.
  • You will want to have some discussions about what this trip is going to be like before you are actually on the road together. Have a rough idea of your itinerary for the trip. Having plans already in place tends to lessen stress and hard feelings.
  • And please discuss who will be paying for what on the trip. They may not want to pay for everything. Or they may feel bad if you don’t let them treat you. Again, your spouse may have insight into what the parents are really thinking or feeling.
  • It is probably best not to spend the whole time together. Give yourself time to enjoy as a couple. You may also want to consider having the girls go shopping while the guys play golf or something like that.

Those are some of my thoughts. I would love to hear your own ideas, or any funny stories you might have.


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