Disney at Thanksgiving

I have had several things going on today. I was out of the house most the morning between a bible study group and a doctor’s visit. [The trip to the doctor was something I had to do because of the communication device problems.] I’ve also been trying to drum up some business this afternoon. Hopefully something is going to come of that

Anyway, as I was talking to one of my potential clients, I started wondering what Thanksgiving is like at Disney World. I know that summers are horrendous because nearly everyone is out of school. Christmas is another very crowded time at Disney for much the same reason. But Thanksgiving? I didn’t know, so I decided to look that up.

Thanksgiving is not as bad as Christmas usually is. And you should also know that by Thanksgiving time, Disney is already decked out for Christmas. You aren’t going to find much to get you into the Thanksgiving spirit. Let’s look at some tips that might help you if you do decide to go to Disney for Thanksgiving.

  • There are park calendars that will help you find out which parks are the busiest on which days. Disney has something called Park Hop Passes, but it is recommended that you do only one park each day during this busy season.
  • It is always in your best interests to arrive early at the parks. During by times like this, arriving early becomes imperative. Disney has “Magic Hours” for those that stay at their resorts. Arriving early allows you to get much farther into the parks without the crowds.
  • Know what your priorities are before you enter the park. Are you wanting to ride as many rides as possible? Are you there to get autographs of the characters? Do you want to watch the parades and the other shows? Have a plan and stick to it.
  • You’ll  even want something of a plan when it comes to eating. Consider having an early breakfast and either an early lunch or a late lunch to avoid the crowds. Know which restaurants you’d like to try during your visit. Do you want to take advantage of the character dining? You’ll want to plan that well in advance of your trip.

We are going to come back to this tomorrow.. I would love to help you book a trip to Disney. Please let me know if you are interested.

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