Thanksgiving at Disney

There are several things I’d really like to look into for the business. I’ve submitted my first article that is for pay, and it is going to be up to four weeks until I hear back. I am planning on doing some more research on this group and hopefully figure out more of what they want in their articles. I’m also talking to someone about a trip. Do you know something? I actually love doing research on these trips, figuring out everything my clients might need to know. I would love to be doing more of this soon. Let me go on and do this so that I can get to some other things.

Let’s keep looking at some tips you might be able to use if you were to go to Disney over Thanksgiving break.

  • Let’s face it. Big crowds and small children usually make for nervous parents. Try having everyone dress in the same colors each day that you are at Disney. My family also implemented a buddy system, where younger children got matched with an older child, and they had to stay together while we were out. Count your group before and after each thing that you do to make sure that everyone is together.
  • You are going to get stuck in long lines. Just get used to that fact. These are actually great times to have conversations with your children and\or your spouse. Enjoy your time as a family rather than getting frustrated that it’s taking a while to get on the ride or whatever.

Okay, you can go to Disney and have this great time, but what about the traditional Thanksgiving feast? Disney is going to have several restaurants at each park that will serve Thanksgiving dinner the way we know it. You will want to make your reservations with the restaurant of your choice well in advance.

I would love to know that reading this has put you in the mood to go to Disney. Please let me know if I can help you book a trip.


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