Enjoy being an adult on a Viking cruise

I’ve been having problems with my e-mail for a couple of day now. Today it worked like a charm. Hopefully whatever has been going on with my computer has worked itself out, and I can get some more done today than what I have been. I’m hoping to get into this writing thing more and start generating income that way as well. I have a lot of questions about that and plan to start getting some answers this afternoon.

I know you love your kids, but there are times you just need to take a break from them. You might feel the need to take some time with just your husband. Or maybe it’s time to get away with the girls for a while. Whatever it is, you may want to consider Viking for your next getaway. Sure, this is a higher priced cruise, but you are going to get a lot for your money. And to be clear, Viking allows children on board their ships, but they do not encourage bringing them. I don’t think they have any kind of children’s program, or if they do very low key. And their policy is, if you bring a minor you have to have an adult in the room, and it looks like you will also have to have two rooms. Let’s look at some of what you will get on a Viking.

  • You will get one free excursion each day. On other cruises, you may get one free excursion per trip, but one free excursion each day is unheard of.
  • Viking is going to offer you a much more intimate cruise, with them only taking hundreds of passengers instead of thousands.
  • Staying on one of their ships is like staying in a very nice hotel. And since their ships are smaller, you are going to have the chance to get up close and personal with your destinations.
  • Viking is going to be able to take you places that other cruise companies can not take you. You will get more of a feel of how the people actually live in the places you’re visiting.

I think we are going to stop here. I would love to know your thoughts aut this or any questions you might have.


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