Places to consider for Labor Day Weekend

I have always loved traveling with friends or family we don’t get to see often. Talking and catching up with them makes things more pleasant to me. And then there is the fun of doing things together once you arrive at your destination.

If you’re thinking about doing something last minute for Labor Day Weekend, it is recommended that you get a rental property. Today we are going to be looking mostly at what it would cost you and three friends. But obviously if you can round up a bigger group of friends, you may be able to pay even less for the trip. And this does depend on where you live in our country, and how much time you want to travel.

  • Tuscon, Arizona is the least expensive place the article I’m reading lists. If you’re traveling with three friends, you can probably find a rental for one hundred a night, which is twenty-five a person, not bad. You’ll want to find a place that has a pool, because this place is hot.
  • Again, splitting the costs four ways, you could get a place in Hilo, Hawaii for under thirty dollars a night. I’ve never heard of Hilo, don’t think this is a big tourist trap. But unless you’re living right around there, you are going to have to fly. Getting last minute tickets to Hawaii is probably not cheap.
  • Orlando and Vegas are popular places when it comes to vacations. You should be able to get a place for under two hundred. Split four ways, it will be a little under fifty dollars. And for just a little more, you could go to Memphis or Colorado Springs.

uld love to know your thoughts about about any of this.

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