I want to begin by apologizing for the fast blogs over the weekend. ,i was hanging out with my sisters this past weekend, playing beauty shop, enjoying good food, watching lots of chick flicks and just enjoying being together. I wanted to do this, but wanted to do it quickly and get rack to just enjoying the fun.

So in light of my weekend, this article caught my eye. Haley Woods has been, in her words, an “Independent Nomad” for the past six years.. Before that, she says she used o worry about money and whether or not she could afford to travel. Now to be clear, she is not saying that you should go into this huge amount of debt and forget about your responsibilities. What she’s saying is that you shouldn’t let fear hold you back from living your dreams.

So in order to live her dreams, she opened a business called, “Girls Love Travel”. This is a company that helps women live out their travel dreams. They do this through education primarily.

I love helping women travel as well. But my primary focus is helping families reconnect through travel. Please let me know if you would like help booking a trip.

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