Seeing Europe with children

A lot of history has been made here, as well as some great art and culture. A lot of parents would love to take their older children to this land, but how do you do that without breaking the bank? Let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • Where you stay is always going to be one of your biggest expenses. And in Europe, hotels are pretty strict about having no more than two people in a room. It’s best to look into airbnb in the different cities you’ll be staying. A lot of people in Europe rent out a room, giving you the chance not only to save money, but giving you a glimpse of how families work together over there.
  • Food is another big expense. Again, staying with families might take care of least a part of that. You’re like going to be able to eat with your hosts for breakfasts, and maybe even even dinner as well. But Europe also has a lot of bakeries and delis you can buy great food at.
  • Europe is a great place to ride trains, and it’s also pretty inexpensive. Here trains run on time. It’s a great way to see the countryside
  • Especially when you have children, you do not want to fill your days to the brim. Pick one big thing you are going to do each day , and then go with the flow.
  • Europe is going to have a lot of free and inexpensive events. Take advantage of that.

I would love to know your thoughts.

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