Tips on getting last minute deals on cruises


I have a lot that I would like to get done today. After looking around for a while and not finding anything real interesting, I’ve found a website that could lead me to several writing jobs that would be awesome. I want to find assignments that will not only pay but will also give me a byline. I have worked for “content mills” before, don’t like them, don’t  want to go back to that kind o thing. Anyway, I am going to get started on that once I get to my other things.

The safest, easiest thing to do is to book your trips as early as you can, so that you can get exactly what you want. [And I’ll admit, booking a trip early is what I’d like to do. It’s just less stressful that way.] But sometimes you can get great deals at the last minute too. So now that you know that there is such a thing as a last minute cruise deal, let’s look at some ways to find them.

  • Okay, the first thing you should know that when we talk about last minute deals we’re talking about sometime between three months to several days before. It’s usually best to book closer to the three month period. Why? Because most cruiselines are finalizing their plans, getting those last payments and things like that. Sometimes people will cancel their plans for cruises for whatever reason.
  • It is pretty unlikely that you are going to get the more popular cruises. The cruiselines are discounting their prices trying to get more cabins filled. It’s unlikely that you are going to get specials on holiday cruises. But it never hurts to look.
  • You will want to look at these last minute deals when you’re just looking for a nice getaway and don’t have anything particular in mind. This might be a great way to get some time with your spouse or a few close friends. Cruises are fantastic places to relax, eat good food and be pampered.

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