Family fun in Cozumel

It is Saturday, but there are still several things I want to get done today. We’ll see how much energy I end up having.

From what I hear, Cozumel is still pretty much untainted by “tourist traps”, even though it is becoming a pretty popular destination. This sounds like the perfect place for a family to enjoy a fun in the sun vacation.


Just because it is a quieter place does not mean that there is nothing to do there. This is on the ocean, so you are going to have a beautiful beach to enjoy. There will also be a lot of water sports to enjoy for your family. You can snorkel or scuba dive. You can also swim with the dolphins.

One of the best places to stay in Cozumel is Sunscape Resorts. When you stay there, if you were to get tired of the water activities, you could take advantage of their full-service spa. You will be able to enjoy live music. They do have a kids’ club for your children to get to know other people their age. They also have a teens club if you have older children.

You will be be able to choose from a variety of nice places to eat. And of course, this is an all-inclusive resort, so most everything should already be covered. Don’t worry about how much everything will cost once you get there.

Please let me know if you’re interested in a vacation like this. I would be more than happy to help you plan it.

Random news

I think we are going to take a look at some random air news just to do something a little different.

  • I know that this feels a little early. However, if you are going to need to book air or hotels or anything, you have about another month before you need to make your decisions and book your trips. Why? Because that is when you are going to get some of the best deals around. Booking early is usually your best bet when it comes to travel. There are also deals to be had when you book late. But then you are going to have to take whatever you can get instead of exactly what you want.
  • Here think you are going to one place, but wind up going to a totally different place? One young Brazil nurse did that. She thought she was going to Denmark, but in her hurry to board, she got on the plane that was going to Greece. The article doesn’t say whether she’s going to Denmark or not.
  • Sometimes even jobs at the airport can get routine. I bet this event shook things up a little. At an airport in Florida, one of the workers was struck with lightning. His fellow workers came around and helped him. He was in the hospital for two weeks, but his family is just glad he’s alive.

I think we are going to stop here for today . I would love to know any thoughts you have about any of this.

Cruise news

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I have several different things going. So I am going to try to get this done so that I can get to some other work stuff.. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do everything and the right order. I’m someone who likes doing everything in a certain order and getting into a rhythm..

The fall is a wonderful time to go on a cruise. A lot of families are now heading back to schools and into their normal routines. You can usually find pretty good deals on cruises. Let’s look at some cruise news today.

  • First, where are the places that people are loving cruising to these days? Actually it might not is the destinations themselves that may be the biggest draw. People like to be entertained while on their cruises, and cruiselines are doing their best to cater to those interests. Cruises these days are not only going to have a lot of your food covered, you’ll also get a lot of your entertainment, sports activities and the kids’ club privileges for no additional charge.
  • And I know I’ve said this before, but the higher grade of cruise that you go on, the less you will have to pay for anything once you are on board. That is just the way it works in the cruise industry. When you go on the nicer cruises most everything is already paid for, and you don’t need to worry about money.
  • Theme cruises are also big. There are cruises for foodies where you not only eat well, you can also learn to cook and learn more about wines as well. There are cruises that will be all about certain shows, or history, or art.

I would love to be able you plan your dream cruise. Please let me know.

Packing tips

Packing for a trip. You may love it. You may hate it. But in order to travel, you have to pack. Packing right can be even more important when you are flying. But coming from a family of eight, I know that there is only so much room in the ca. So let’s look at some packing tips today.

  • You may be tempted to pack everything you have and then some. You will want to pack toothbrush and toothpaste for sure, for sure. But if you are going to a resort or on a cruise, they will sometimes have things like shampoo and body wash. You will want to check with your specific destination on that.
  • As far as clothes, it is best to pick out whole outfits at a time so that you don’t with too many pants and not enough shirts. Are you going somewhere where you’ll want to dress up? Keep that in mind as well.
  • You may want to look into packing cubes if you’re someone who tends to pack pretty heavily. You can fit a lot in these things. But if you’re flying, you’ll want to keep in mind that you’re limited in weight as well as size..
  • Shoes can take up a lot of room. Try to take as few pairs as you can get away with. Have one pair that will be good for walking and another for nicer occasions.
  • You will probably not want to take a lot of time to do your hair while on vacation. Pack your e reader instead of print books. If you think you might want something, but are not quite sure, it is usually best to say no.

I would love to know your thoughts about this.

Traveling with the in-laws

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Tuesday is the morning I meet with friends to have a bible study. I’m just getting a later start for today, and then had trouble figuring out what to write about.

In-laws… Even if we don’t have them because we aren’t married yet, we have siblings who are married or friends who are married.. I know sometimes in-laws get along great, others it’s best to keep them separated as much as possible. But like it or not, you are going to have to travel with them at some point. And traveling together can be difficult even when you love each other. Here are some tips that might help help everything go as smoothly as possible.

  • You will want to figure out how they usually travel. Do they like doing things on the cheap, are they people who live for luxury, or are they somewhere in the middle?
  • If you haven’t spent a lot of time with them yet, you might want to quiz your other half on quirks, forbidden subjects and things like that. You want to avoid stepping on toes if you can.
  • And that works both ways. Try to get your spouse to tell his parents about you too? Are there things they need to know? You might be a morning person, but tend to enjoy being by yourself first thing. You may be uncomfortable when people stat telling certain kinds of jokes. Or maybe they aren’t really into anything green, but that is your passion.
  • You will want to have some discussions about what this trip is going to be like before you are actually on the road together. Have a rough idea of your itinerary for the trip. Having plans already in place tends to lessen stress and hard feelings.
  • And please discuss who will be paying for what on the trip. They may not want to pay for everything. Or they may feel bad if you don’t let them treat you. Again, your spouse may have insight into what the parents are really thinking or feeling.
  • It is probably best not to spend the whole time together. Give yourself time to enjoy as a couple. You may also want to consider having the girls go shopping while the guys play golf or something like that.

Those are some of my thoughts. I would love to hear your own ideas, or any funny stories you might have.