Take a foodie cruise

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I didn’t accompwlish everything I would have liked yesterday. But I’m getting a much earlier start and am glad.

Cruises are known for having a ton of food. But sometimes the food is not of the highest quality. Then again, you try cooking three or more meals a day for thousands of people. Even when the cruise is advertised as a foodie cruise, every meal will not be of the top quality.

Windstar is a luxury cruise brand, and I know they are going to take a lot fewer guests than your average cruise ship. Windstar has teamed up with a group of world class chefs to bring you an extraordinary cruise.

There will be a cooking demonstration that every guest will be free to attend. The chefs will be preparing your evening meal in one of the main dining rooms each night. With only around three hundred guests, you are going to be able to get to know the chefs, asking them whatever questions you would like.

Let’s look at some other things that are Windstar advantages.

  • With the small number of guest, you will get a higher level of pampering from the crew. They are there to serve you.
  • You are going to have lovely meals whenever you sit down to dine. That’s not just the quality of the food. You will also enjoy the peacefulness of the place.
  • You will have nice accommodations instead of feeling like you are stuffed into a sardine can. This is going to feel like you are in a luxury hotel.
  • And finally, the smaller ships are going to get you into the smaller ports. And that will enable to tour the places the larger ships would never be able to get you to.

Please let me know what thoughts or questions you might have.


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