Some things that are different about Europe

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Let’s see. When I tell someone I’m a travel agent, the top three places I’m asked about are Disney, the Caribbean [usually a cruise], or Europe. There’s something so romantic about going to Europe. And we Americans tend of Europe and its people being pretty much like we are. But there are some pretty ssignificant differences. Let’s look at some of those today.

  • The first one may be pretty obvious, but Europe has different money than we do. There are nineteen countries who are using the Euro system, and nine who are using currencies of their own. They use different colors on their bills, so you will want to take sometime to familiarize yourself with the currency of thePlace you’ve entered.
  • Some places over there want you to pay when you use their facilities, more commonly known here as bathrooms. I have to say that I never ran into this while over there, but I guess I was mostly at a hotel or in a home.. They use the money for the bathroom’s upkeep, and the charge also helps keep people out who just want to sit around there.
  • When you order a soft drink at a restaurant or any similar place you are going to get one small bottle and that’s it. You will not receive any free refills here. They don’t understand what that is.
  • Europeans are a more relaxed people. Servers are likely not as prompt as they are here. Meals are times to relax and enjoy the people around you. Now I will say that the little cafe our group went to each evening was pretty prompt, but I think we told them we had places to be after the dinners.


I loved my trip if you couldn’t tell. Let me know your thoughts.

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