Reasons to visit college towns

Today was the day I made myself do my edits on my articles. I kept putting working on them off until the last, and by then I was tired and ended up reading my novel instead of getting serious about the edits. And of course, I know I’m just putting sending the things out and figuring out other magazines to send things to.. Anyway, I feel like I’ve made some real progress there and am happier with myself. I do want to get to some other things today, so let’s get started.

College towns… I’ve never been into sports at all, but I do live in the South where college football is huge. Today let’s look at some other reasons you might want to visit college towns.

  • Colleges are usually going to have an arts department. And I’m not just talking about paintings and things. There will also be drama, music, and even English readings to enjoy.
  • And speaking of music, a lot of small bands will get their start in college towns. You’ll have a lot of coffee shops and bars in these places. These make perfect places for small bands to get their starts.
  • College students are known for having very little money. Restaurants know this, and so many eateries in these towns are going to have less food.
  • College towns are also known for being places where a lot of free thinking people live. And these people tend to enjoy to get into lively discussions. If you do get bored, you can always go to a cafe and join in on the discussions.




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