Cruise secrets

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When you work in any industry, you are going to get to know things that not many people outside your industry will know. Today let’s look at some cruise secrets.

  • On cruise ships, you are usually free to order as many appetizers, main dishes and desserts as you would like. You aren’t limited to just one per person. You are also welcome to get appetizers as your main meal, it’s really up to you.
  • Many cruisers believe that the buffets are your only option for breakfast. That simply is not true. A lot of ships  are going to have bakeries you can get breakfast stuff from. And some specialty restaurants ill be opened in the mornings as well.
  • The buffets are going  to be pretty crazy the first evening you arrive on the ship. Special restaurants are usually opened, and may even give you a discount that first evening.
  • Those who their special coffees are going to have to pay. But you are going to be able to get sandwiches and pastries. Some of the food at the bar is going to be free as well.

We are going to get back to this discussion on Monday. In the meantime, I would love to know any questions you might have.

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