Things to do the week before your cruise #2

I must confess that I’ve felt pretty busy lately. I have a couple of bi studies and things like that I’ve starting this week. I’m also trying out a communication device and need to give some that working on that each day. So I’ve kind of been rushing through my “necessary things” with work. I haven’t given much time to my writing. I always feel bad about that. Doing that first seems to work better for me, and I am going to work on that… Okay, let’s get back to talking about things you should do the week before you cruise.

  • A lot of the documents that you will need will be available online. But some will not. You will need to go on and print those documents and make sure that you have them all in a folder that you have with you. You can also usually do all your registration online, which will make it easier to get to your fun on board the ship.
  • Doing pre cruise packages are getting more and more popular. And sometimes people fly in the day before the cruise starts so they’ll be sure not to miss the boat. If you’re arriving early, try to get in touch with some of your fellow cruisers. Cruises are more fun when you have a group you’re part of. Now of course, if you’re on your honeymoon or other romantic trip, that is a little different.
  • But you will want to be sure that you get some good sleep the night before your cruise. Cruises are usually pretty relaxing. But most people don’t want to “waste” time sleeping. You are going to have so many things that you’ll want to try once you’re on board that you’ll not want to be in your room sleeping.
  • There are all kinds of places online where you can discuss your cruise experience. This is a fun way to keep your memories alive. It can also be helpful when you want to plan your next cruise.


I would love to know your thoughts on any of this. Please let me know.

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