More discussion of cruiselines

Okay,Saturday we started discussing cruiselines, and things you might ant to know about each. On Saturday I gave you descriptions of the three biggest family cruiselines, where you can get cruise pretty inexpensively. But what if you’re looking for some more a little nicer, a little more all inclusive. Below may be some options for you.

  • Luxury cruises are going to be more inclusive anyway, that is just the way things work in the cruise industry. Regent Seven Sea is one of the most inclusive that you are going to find. There want will be no extra charge when you go to their specialty restaurants. All your drinks will be free of charge, whether you’re at the restaurants, in your rooms or elsewhere on the ship. Regent’s ships are big enough to offer a nice variety of restaurants and entertainment, but small enough that you aren’t completely lost on board.
  • Silverseas would make an awesome romantic cruise, or an occasion to get several couples of good friends together. It is rare to see a child on board one of these ships. And again, you are going to find that there are not many hidden charges on board. Their smaller ships make it easier to connect with your fellow guest, and you’ll also be able to visit smaller ports.
  • Holland America offers a lot to the single cruiser. They will have their own parties and gatherings. The ships have a lot of rooms for singles as well. They also have a program that will pair you up with a roommate if you would like. Want to be part of a group that meets up for dinner each evening? They can do that as well.

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