Now some things you should do in Ireland

Last Saturday we looked at some things you would be wise not to do on if you go to Ireland. Today let’s look at some things you might not want to miss.

  • The River Shannon is by far the longest river in Ireland. You might want to cruise it if you get the time. I should tell you that this does not sound like the cruises we’ll usually talk about on her. It looks like these are boats that you will take out on your own. You will need to get a hotel each evening. And I am not sure what you will do about food.
  • the Irish have always been for having a good time. With that in mind, you will want to visit whatever festivals you will have while you are over there. They will have festivals for the different holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day. They also have drama festivals and things like that.
  • Ireland is where Guinness is made. You might want to take a tour of the factory where it is made. Here you will learn about every facet of this company’s production.

I also want to let you know that I will not be around tomorrow. I’m not sure, but hopefully I will be back by Wednesday or Thursday.


Things not to do in Ireland

I had trouble with my communication device, which is why I didn’t post. I’m not sure what’s going on with this thing. We’re trying to figure this out. But if I miss another day, that is probably why. I havends that are talking about going to Irelan, so I’m interested in finding out more about the place. And I figured that it might make an interesting blog post.

When you visit a place, it’s nice to know their rules and pet peeves so that you don’t offend anyone. That is true whether you’re visiting a country or a family. Let’s look at some things you might want to keep in mind on your next trip to Ireland.

  • We think it’s cute when we ask the Irish about Leprechauns. They do not. They have gotten that question so much that they’re sick of it. Be nice, and do not ask about the magical creatures.
  • Again contrary to our way of thinking, the Irish do not eat corned beef and cabbage. We consider it their national dish and figure that it has to be served in just about any pub. Again, that is simply not true. This is not a dish that the Irish eat. You might find corned beef and cabbage in a pub that specifically caters to tourists.
  • Do you like it when people try to mimic you, and it just comes out all wrong? No? The Irish do not like it when you try to mimic their accent. It just comes out wrong and seems rude.
  • Most Irish, and for that matter most Europeans, tend to be pretty in their thinking. You might not want to get into a discussion of your great love for Trump or whoever.


Addicted to travel?


I’m working on making some changes in my business. There are several things I want to do. But I do want to make sure this gets done.

Addicted to travel? Kind of wish I knew some people who were addicted. I’m teasing about this.. But are you seriously dejected when you come home from a trip? Is your favorite pastime looking at pictures of exotic places? Do you find yourself planning your next trip before you get home from the last trip? Do you lie to family and friends about how much time you think about travel?

We may laugh at this and think this is pretty harmless, but this is a real thing, and can be pretty harmful to some. It’s fine to love to look at pictures of far off places. It’s fine to enjoy seeing new places. But the problem comes when you spend more than you make on travel. Or when you neglect family and friends because you are so busy traveling.

I would love to know what you think about this.

Travel advice you might not want to follow

I’ve been looking into some other business stuff, trying to figure out a good place to send articles to. I would love to find a website that loved my work, and would accept anything I would send. ut I’m just starting out on this journey, sometimes I have to remind myself of that. But I do want to make sure that I get my normal stuff done.

Has anyone ever given you advice, and maybe you accepted it at first. But after a while you started thinking about it, and it just did not sound right? Today we are going to look at some travel advice that you might not want to follow.

  • Always stay off the beaten path. You might find that the hotel that is outside the city is less expensive, but then again you might not. There is also the fact that if you do stay outside the city, you are going to have to drive a while to get to the attractions you are going to see. And that is especially true with gas prices as high as they are. And then there is also the question of safety. You might think you’re safer outside the city. But there is safety in numbers, as the saying goes.
  • Don’t fall for all those tourists’ traps. Okay, there are reasons that these places are as famous as they are. Most people like to see these things at least once in their lives. Besides it’s kind of nice to be in the hustle and bustle sometimes. You might want to spread the major attractions out so that you don’t feel like you’re sitting in line the whole time, but do see them. Those are the places your friends will ask about once you’re home.
  • You will be in constant danger if you visit this place. You never know when something might happen wherever you go. If the place you want to go has health warnings or something like that, there are always precautions you can take. And places that people are afraid to visit because of violence, you can usually come up with ways to avoid the dangerous areas. That is one reason it’s good to book with a travel agent. I can help you figure out what’s safe and what isn’t.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this, even if you disagree. Please let me know.

Traveling internationally for the first time?

I was kind of surprised to learn that only 5% of Americans travel abroad each year. I know that all of my siblings have been out of the country. I was the last one that hadn’t been abroad until last February. And I’m now kind of hoping that it won’t be my last time out of the United States either. Today let’s look at some things you will need to do before leaving the country for the first time.

  • One of the first things you will need to do is to get a passport. I know I have written whole blog posts about this before. But basically what you need to do is to go down to the post office and follow the steps they have to get a passport. You will have some fees to pay, and it’s usually best to get your pictures taken at local drug store. You should also keep in mind that it usually takes four to six weeks for this process to be completed.
  • You should also figure out if you are going to need a visa to enter your desired destination. Visas can get pretty complicated, and often require you to pay fees, and some might be under the table. Mostly they are going to want you to gather a lot of paperwork or them to allow you into their country.
  • And that raise a very good question. Where do you want to go on your first big trip? Some people want to visit where their ancestors came from. Others want to visit a place they’ve learned about through a book or movie. Still others have friends they met online that they want to visit? Deciding where you want to go is important and will let you know what all you will need to do. Looking your country up online will provide you with a list of everything you will need to do before your trip. Looking it up will also give you a feel of what you want to do once you get there.
  • Using a credit card abroad makes life a lot less complicated. But of course, you will want to make sure exactly what the deal is with the charge card. Do they have a fee when you charge abroad? And do let them know where you are going and when so that they will know to accept the charges. You will want to keep an eye on your card at all times. Try to carry about a hundred dollars with you at all times in case a merchant does not accept credit.

Have you ever been out of the country? I would love to know your experiences.

About holiday travel

I decided that I was going to send another article out today. I love writing pieces, especially when I’m starting a piece. Researching where I can send pieces is not bad, though that can get tedious at times. I must confess that my least favorite part is editing. I do like having someone else look at pieces and giving me their thoughts. But I don’t like having to go back and change ,things. I’m trying to get a lot better about writing and sending things out. Doing that first might help me do better. We’ll see.

Confession : There is pretty much only one thing that I like about Halloween. And that is, after that day we can start getting ready for the holiday season. I love the time from before Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, always have. When I was a kid, we always went to my grandparents at Christmas time. I loved spending time with my grandparents, aunts , uncles and cousins. And now, holidays are times I know that I’ll see my siblings, and I love that too. Anyway… Today let’s look at some tips for traveling during the holiday season.

  • It is always wise to make your travel plans as early as possible. A lot of people want to travel during this season. They may be going to their parents’ place. Families also gather at other locations so that they can see exotic spots while still enjoying being together.. Booking early will ensure that you get exactly what you want in your vacation.
  • Some people want to book everything at the very last minute. And while you can sometimes get some very good deals that way, you could find that anywhere you might want to go is already booked to capacity.
  • This might be a great time to visit Mexico City. A lot of the people are going to clear out during the week or so of Christmas.. But most everything will still be opened except the actual holidays themselves.
  • Or maybe it’s time to take that Caribbean cruise your family has always wanted to go on. A lot of people assume that the Caribbean is closed because of the recent storms, but they’re working hard to get everything back in order. And there is a lot families can do together on a holiday cruise.

I’m sure I am going to be talking about the holidays a lot in the next couple months. I would love  to know your thoughts about any of this.

What to do on those long layovers

Everyone that flies is going to experience something of a layover. After all, it isn’t wise to rush through the airport at the last possible second. And then you’ll also have to wait on your connecting flight. Today let’s look at some things you can do during those long layovers

  • not Most airports are going to have shops and restaurants right there for you. If you have a couple of hours to kill, why don’t you take in some of the shops . Enjoy a nice meal at one of your restaurants.
  • If you have more than a couple of hours, you might want to go outside the city and take in some of the sights. My sister had a lay over in New York City. You will want to be careful to watch the time, you will not want to miss your next flight. But sometimes it’s fun to just go walk around a city.
  • If your layover is going to be longer than ten to twelve hours, consider getting a hotel room. Airports can only go so far in offering a comfortable place to sit and wait. Getting a room will help you get more rest. And there is always at least one hotel that is near the airport.
  • An alternative to this would be to go up to the counter, and see if there is an earlier flight you can catch. There is usually a fee, usually under one hundred dollars. But often that would be money well spent to get to your destination earlier.

These are some ideas. Have you and your family come up with other fun things to do at an airport? Please let me know.

Tips for traveling with a disability #2

I have several things I want to accomplish today, so let me go on and do this.

Living with a disability makes life more difficult. Sorry.. I know some people who say that their disability is a gift and that they wouldn’t trade places with nondisabled people. And I guess I can see how disability shapes us. But if given the opportunity, I would love to be made well… But anyway, let’s look at some more thoughts on disability travel.

  • Having a disability makes it more important to plan out your trips. You’ll want to let the people at your airline, the hotel people, and any other travel vendors know about your disability. This allows them to better serve you. Let them know in adadvance that you are going to need that extra outlet in that room, or that it is imperative that you have a refrigerator for your medication.
  • You know yourself and your energy level better than anyone. If your most energetic times are in the mornings, let that be the time you do your big outings. Do you rest most afternoons. Do the same when you go on vacations. Especially when we’re disabled, our bodies do not like getting off our routines.
  • You may want to purchase travel insurance specifically with your health in mind. A lot of health insurance companies will not cover you once you leave the United  States. Make sure you have everything you might need as far s insurance.
  • Having a disability makes it more important to plan out your trips. You’ll want to let the people at your airline, the hotel people, and any other travel vendors know about your disability. This allows them to better serve you. Let them know in adadvance that you are going to need that extra outlet in that room, or that it is imperative that you have a refrigerator for your medication.

  • Are you going to need a wheelchair? I’m laughing at this because my wheelchair goes with me wherever I go 99.9% of the time. But I know some people who can walk some, but need a wheelchair for the long distances. Or maybe you use a power chair, but it might not  work everywhere you would.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Tips for traveling with a disability

Sometimes I truly wonder if my computer can somehow sense that there are several things I want to do, and chooses those days to do weird things.. It’s doing better, so I’ll be quiet about that… We’ve been doing some things with family, and so I’ve kind of been doing the bare minimum, but I have so many things I want to do, like getting articles out there, I need to get back into everything..

I’m disabled, have been since I was born. I don’t know anything other than life in this wheelchair. I’ve done a good bit of traveling with my family. But thanks to my Dad and brothers, I don’t feel like I’ve been particularly left out of anything I’ve wanted to do. Now as I’ve gotten older, there are things I don’t want to anymore. So when I saw this article about traveling with a disability, I got curious. So look at this today.

My family has traveled as long as I can remember, and I’ve gone with them more than not… Now I did wonder if I would ever travel out of our fair United States, but now that I’ve done that, it doesn’t seem that difficult either.

If you are disabled and want to travel, please talk to me. I can help you figure out which trips would work best for you. I would love to help you figure that kind of thing out. Please let me know.

My disability is obvious to anyone that meets me. I’ve never been able to hide anything. But I know that it isn’t like that for everyone. I know a lot of people would rather not discuss their disability. But please when you’re traveling, let someone know you need a little extra help. Travel is tiring for anyone. Getting the help you need is going to make life easier on everyone, especially those who are traveling with you.

I think we are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow please let me know your thoughts on any of this.

Guided tours

Everyone has different ideas when it comes to travel and what the perfect vacation looks like. Some people just want to go to a beach and relax with a good book and maybe some good friends. Then there are those who want to have all these adventures on their vacation. They want to go scuba diving and rock climbing and things like that. And still others go places to learn things. They may be interested in art, or maybe history is their things. It’s this last group that I am going to be specifically talking to today.

I know that some people do not want to have any kind of set schedule. They want to explore when they want where they want. But other people enjoy learning from other people.

A lot of guided tours are going to have some structured time where the whole group is together seeing all the sights. And that is one advantage of going on a guided tour. You will be seeing all of the major sites in the area that you are visiting. you will also have pretty much everything arranged for you.

But that does not mean that your entire vacation is going to be this rigid structured thing. You are going to get some downtime where you can go back to places you want more time in. Or you can also go to a cafe and enjoy some good food and maybe spend more time with the locals.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.