Darker side to airbnb?

Today has been a lot like yesterday. I think things are going to get a lot quieter, giving me more time to work maybe..

Airbnb? You pay to stay in someone’s house. You’ll either get a room or maybe even the whole house to yourself. But I’ve been reading that things can go wrong when people use airbnb. People may say they won’t be home, but there is no guarantee of that. Unsuspecting guests can be hurt and violated in all kinds of ways. And of course, in this day and age,  your hosts are also able to record you whenever and wherever you like.

The problem is, this is not a regulated industry. This is basically your word against theirs.. And this is something that I also need to think through. Do I want I’m guests to get hurt on a vacation I booked for them? No, I do not.. Sorry, but with hotels and places like that I have ways to get help, to make them do right by you. I wouldn’t have that recourse with airbnb.

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