About holiday travel

I decided that I was going to send another article out today. I love writing pieces, especially when I’m starting a piece. Researching where I can send pieces is not bad, though that can get tedious at times. I must confess that my least favorite part is editing. I do like having someone else look at pieces and giving me their thoughts. But I don’t like having to go back and change ,things. I’m trying to get a lot better about writing and sending things out. Doing that first might help me do better. We’ll see.

Confession : There is pretty much only one thing that I like about Halloween. And that is, after that day we can start getting ready for the holiday season. I love the time from before Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, always have. When I was a kid, we always went to my grandparents at Christmas time. I loved spending time with my grandparents, aunts , uncles and cousins. And now, holidays are times I know that I’ll see my siblings, and I love that too. Anyway… Today let’s look at some tips for traveling during the holiday season.

  • It is always wise to make your travel plans as early as possible. A lot of people want to travel during this season. They may be going to their parents’ place. Families also gather at other locations so that they can see exotic spots while still enjoying being together.. Booking early will ensure that you get exactly what you want in your vacation.
  • Some people want to book everything at the very last minute. And while you can sometimes get some very good deals that way, you could find that anywhere you might want to go is already booked to capacity.
  • This might be a great time to visit Mexico City. A lot of the people are going to clear out during the week or so of Christmas.. But most everything will still be opened except the actual holidays themselves.
  • Or maybe it’s time to take that Caribbean cruise your family has always wanted to go on. A lot of people assume that the Caribbean is closed because of the recent storms, but they’re working hard to get everything back in order. And there is a lot families can do together on a holiday cruise.

I’m sure I am going to be talking about the holidays a lot in the next couple months. I would love  to know your thoughts about any of this.

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