Things not to do in Ireland

I had trouble with my communication device, which is why I didn’t post. I’m not sure what’s going on with this thing. We’re trying to figure this out. But if I miss another day, that is probably why. I havends that are talking about going to Irelan, so I’m interested in finding out more about the place. And I figured that it might make an interesting blog post.

When you visit a place, it’s nice to know their rules and pet peeves so that you don’t offend anyone. That is true whether you’re visiting a country or a family. Let’s look at some things you might want to keep in mind on your next trip to Ireland.

  • We think it’s cute when we ask the Irish about Leprechauns. They do not. They have gotten that question so much that they’re sick of it. Be nice, and do not ask about the magical creatures.
  • Again contrary to our way of thinking, the Irish do not eat corned beef and cabbage. We consider it their national dish and figure that it has to be served in just about any pub. Again, that is simply not true. This is not a dish that the Irish eat. You might find corned beef and cabbage in a pub that specifically caters to tourists.
  • Do you like it when people try to mimic you, and it just comes out all wrong? No? The Irish do not like it when you try to mimic their accent. It just comes out wrong and seems rude.
  • Most Irish, and for that matter most Europeans, tend to be pretty in their thinking. You might not want to get into a discussion of your great love for Trump or whoever.


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