What to pack #2

I am going to be with some family we don’t get to see often. I’m not sure how much I am going to work. I feel like I am going to just take it one day at a time and just see.

Okay… You know you’ll need to take clothes, toiletries and things like that. But what kind of things do you need specifically for a cruise? Let’s take a look.

  • You might want to bring some sodas and bottled water. Take a bottle to keep water in. A lot of the less expensive cruises are going to charge for drinks. It will be nice not to have to pay their prices. They also might not have exactly what you prefer.
  • You will want to bring sunscreen. The sun is going to be brighter and stronger out on the ships, so you will want to be extra careful. Bring one of those big hats too.
  • Medical care can get expensive on board. It is wise to bring your own first aid kit. Bring things like bandages and aspirin or whatever you use. Bring aloe for sunburns.

What to pack for a cruise

Today has been busy with a lot of things besides work. I have been trying out a new communication device, and need to figure out whether to go on and get that or just fix my older communication device.

Let’s say you’ve decided to take your very first cruise. You have a lot of questions about what it will be like. But one thing you know you’ll need to figure out before you leave is what you should pack to feel like a cruising pro. Let’s take a look at some things you’ll not want to forget.

  • You may be someone that loves to sleep, but please bring an alarm clock. There are so many things you can do on a cruise. If you spend a lot of time sleeping, you’re probably going to feel like you’ve missed out on a lot of great stuff.
  • One thing you will want to be sure to do is to try to make the most of the space in your cabin. These rooms can feel rather small. Bring things like a shoe holder that will go on your door. Make sure to have your toiletries all together in one place.
  • Do you want to avoid the high laundry costs? Bring enough shampoo or something like that and wash things out in the sink. At the very least you’ll want to bring some kind of stain remover to make sure your clothes are not ruined.
  • Even while enjoying a cruise, you don’t want to be without your gadgets. It is always wise to bring a power strip to make sure that all your things can get the charge that they need.

I’m not 100% sure whether I’ll have internet access tomorrow. I should be back Wednesday if I can’t get on tomorrow.