Is now a bad time to go to Europe?

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Some people may wonder whether this is the best time to go to Europe. After all, they’ve had some bad things happen in the last few years. And to that, part of me wants to say, have you seen what’s going on in the United States lately? There is trouble everywhere we turn, or at least it feels that way to me. We need to pray.. We also need to trust the Lord in whatever we’re doing.

Europe has a lot to offer. Are you a lover of history? Here you will be where the Renaissance took place, as well as the Reformation, and both the World Wars. Love food? Do you like French, German or Italian food better? Do you like art? Some of the greatest art of all time is there. And I think you’re getting the idea.

  • No matter what anyone says, a lot of people are going to be pretty skiddish about taking a trip to Europe. And so you are going to find that prices will be down pretty much anywhere you go.
  • You are also going to find pretty much anything you want to do to be available. You shouldn’t have to worry so much about long lines or whether or not you can get in certain places.

Have you been to Europe lately? I would love to know your thoughts.


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