Things to do in London

London is the city where Buckingham Palace is. It’s also where a lot of Shakespeare’s plays were first performed. Today let’s look at some things you might want to do if you were to go to London. You will want to try to book all of your tours before you actually go to the city.

  • Hyde park is the most famous park in London, and you will want to visit. This is where a lot of demonstrations have taken place, including the suffragettes. Didn’t we hear about this park in Mary Poppins? Anyway, people are still holding debates to this day.
  • Westminister is London’s political hub . Here is where you will find parliament. This is also where a lot of famous people are buried.
  • Looking to spend sometime shopping? Check out Camden Market. You will find all kinds of trinkets as well as some excellent bakeries here.
  • Not sure what to do with your evenings? Try Shoreditch, which will have a lot of nice restaurants and clubs. This is where all the people hang out.

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