Let’s talk work\life balance #2

I’m pretty sure I am going to take Thursday and Friday off this coming week. And the following week I am going to take Thursday through Saturday off as well. I have a lot going on, but at the same time, I do not remember taking a break because I wanted to instead of taking days off because this communication device wasn’t working. And since I’m usually pretty stress when this breaks down, I don’t consider that the same thing.

And I do have something of a confession to make. Things have changed, and for right now I have little to do except church on Sundays. I haven’t been working, but have been on me computer, doing personal e-mail and things like that.. This Saturday, I knew I needed a real change of pace on Sunday. I did do things besides being on the computer yesterday, and am just feeling a lot better today.

So we started on this, “Let’s talk work\life balance“, topic on Saturday. Let’s continue that today.

  • Remember that no one can do everything. You have to make choices about which things are important to. If you love to cook but hate to clean, find someone that will help you clean Or are there things in your business you could pay someone else to do, or trade services? Think of ways you can cut corners.
  • Make it a point to schedule downtime. If you don’t make yourself do, it will not happen. A lot of couples try to take one evening a week to do a date night. In today’s busy society, you might want to schedule time with your kids as well. Make time for the ones you love most. And make time to just relax too. It might take several months, but you will gradually get a feel for what works best for your family.
  • And don’t just block out time for your family, and then cancel that if something comes up with work. Make time with your family important. Jobs come and go, but hopefully your family will be with you for the rest of your life. Make them high priority, and they’ll thank you.
  • And be careful about the time wasters. A lot of  people enjoy watching  tv or playing video games when they don’t feel like working anymore. Some downtime is always nice, but if you are choosing that over your children, that isn’t wise.

I would love to know your thought about any of this. Please let me know.

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