Things to do in London

London is the city where Buckingham Palace is. It’s also where a lot of Shakespeare’s plays were first performed. Today let’s look at some things you might want to do if you were to go to London. You will want to try to book all of your tours before you actually go to the city.

  • Hyde park is the most famous park in London, and you will want to visit. This is where a lot of demonstrations have taken place, including the suffragettes. Didn’t we hear about this park in Mary Poppins? Anyway, people are still holding debates to this day.
  • Westminister is London’s political hub . Here is where you will find parliament. This is also where a lot of famous people are buried.
  • Looking to spend sometime shopping? Check out Camden Market. You will find all kinds of trinkets as well as some excellent bakeries here.
  • Not sure what to do with your evenings? Try Shoreditch, which will have a lot of nice restaurants and clubs. This is where all the people hang out.

Romance in the Mediterranean

Yesterday  we were talking about how right now might be a great time to visit Europe. Today let’s get a little more specific. Sandals has an amazing resort in Antigua. Let’s look at some of what you will experience there.

When you stay here, you will be surrounded by luxury. They will lots nice suites you will be able to choose from. Each will have a spacious bedroom with a king sized bed and a nice tv. Your living room will have another tv if you can’t decide what to watch. Bathrooms should have a nice tub with separate shower.

When it comes to food, you will be choosing from eleven different restaurants. And in the Mediterranean, I doubt that you will be disappointed in anything that you try… Butler service is available for those that would be interested in that.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this, or any questions you might have.

Is now a bad time to go to Europe?

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Some people may wonder whether this is the best time to go to Europe. After all, they’ve had some bad things happen in the last few years. And to that, part of me wants to say, have you seen what’s going on in the United States lately? There is trouble everywhere we turn, or at least it feels that way to me. We need to pray.. We also need to trust the Lord in whatever we’re doing.

Europe has a lot to offer. Are you a lover of history? Here you will be where the Renaissance took place, as well as the Reformation, and both the World Wars. Love food? Do you like French, German or Italian food better? Do you like art? Some of the greatest art of all time is there. And I think you’re getting the idea.

  • No matter what anyone says, a lot of people are going to be pretty skiddish about taking a trip to Europe. And so you are going to find that prices will be down pretty much anywhere you go.
  • You are also going to find pretty much anything you want to do to be available. You shouldn’t have to worry so much about long lines or whether or not you can get in certain places.

Have you been to Europe lately? I would love to know your thoughts.

Cruising as a solo traveler

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Cruising started out as a great vacation for older couples? Older couples used to love cruising and would come  back telling their children and grandchildren all about the wonderful time they had as they took this or that cruise. And then the families wanted to get in on the action, and so cruiselines took the hint. Some started cater ring to families lies . They created children’s programs and a lot of activities that families could enjoy together.

But solo travelers? They had to pay extra to get a room all to themselves. They were the odd ma outn, as usual, when they went to dinner and on the ship’s activities. But things have started to change for them as well. Cruiselines are beginning to take away the fees and have more activities for the single traveler.

Recently a panel of judges took a look at different cruiselines and what they have to offer the solo traveler. While they recognize that progress has been made, they still see a lot of barriers when it comes to cruising as a single person. And And one of the big problems they see is that if you don’t want to pay the extra fees, you should sign up for a roommate you’ve never met. I don’t think I’d be comfortable doing something like that.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve ever cruised as a single person? Did you love it or hate it? Where could they have improved. Let me hear from you.

Miscellaneous travel advice

Ever wonder what those that are considered “travel experts” think about any number of things. Read on to find out some of what they are thinking.

  • It is wise not to overplan your vacations. You never know what opportunities may come your way. And if you have everything planned to the minute, you won’t want to do spontaneous things. Besides, do you think you’d feel truly relaxed if you have everything all planned out?
  • If you’re traveling solo, plan to spend sometime at hostels. These places usually provide not only places to sleep and change, a lot of them will also provide meals. Besides that, you will be meet all kinds of interesting people.
  • Plan to do at least one group tour. This will help give you a feel for the area. Doing this towards the beginning of your trip will give you an idea of the things you want to see during your stay.
  • Don’t forget to plan some down time on your trip. Seeing all the sights is fun, but it can tend to wear you out. Plan to take some time to enjoy some movies or spend sometime catching up on e-mail, things like that.

Travel gifts for Christmas?

I’m trying to figure out some business stuff. Things could be going better, so I am going to take a break to work on the things I do each day.

Some people are ready to bring Christmas right on out and start celebrating. Others want to wait until after Thanksgiving to start thinking about Christmas. To the latter group, I apologize… I was given the gift of travel a couple of years back, and to this day it is one of my favorite gifts of all times. But that year my family pooled all the money they were going to give to as gifts to give it all to me… But if you’re saying that you can’t give everyone on your list a trip, here are some other ideas for the travelers in your life.

  • Okay, so maybe part of it was because  disabled, but I did not like the earphones that came on the airplan. They did not stay in well, and I had trouble hearing. Earphones for the travelers on your list would thrill them.
  • Giving someone luggage would be another way to make them smile. Different members of the family can go in together to get a nice set. Luggage can get expensive, but you can still get some great pieces at yard sales and places like that.
  • Travelers love to document their adventures. True, most people have some kind of camera on their phone. But some people do not want to take their phones overseas. And I know that cameras can get very expensive, but you’ll likely be able to get a disposable camera for under twenty dollars.
  • Know someone that loves to hike? They’re always looking for lightweight gear. You can find this at most camping stores. They’ll also like things like cool flashlights and pocketknives.

Now if you are wanting to give someone a trip for Christmas, please let me ow. I would love to help you plan something. I should also let you know that I have a new e-mail address, and that is,

Trends in honeymoons #2

What you want to do on your honeymoon mostly depends on who you are as a couple and what you like to do together. Taking a look through these suggestions may give you some ideas if you need them.

  • Some people go all out on their weddings and do not have much to spend on their honeymoons. And instead of foregoing that special trip all together, they decide to go later. They may do something very simple and quiet the first few Rdays of their marriage. And then together they can save for a nicer trip on down the road.
  • Some couples like to just relax together. Others are all about taking adventures together. Adventure travel is a popular thing to be part of. You just need to figure out where you want to go and what you want to do.
  • Do you and and your future spouse just love eating together? Foodie travel is another trend in travel these days. There are cruises dedicated to food and learning more about. On these type trips you will have the opportunity to be part of cooking classes, wine tastings and things like that.
  • The honeymoon may be the one time couples may feel like they can splurge on their vacation. I’ve actually heard of some using “Go Fund Me”, to pay for their trip. So where have you always wanted to go that you never dreamed you’ll be able to? This is the perfect time to splurge on luxury.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Honeymoon trends

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I have several things I would like to get to today. We’ll see how much I can get done today and tomorrow. Let me do this first so I’ll know that it is done.

As a travel agent, part of my job is to keep up with travel trends. And since my niche is is family travel, and I believe that marriage is the basis for the families, I like looking at honeymoons. Besides I would love to start planning more honeymoons. So today let’s look at some trends in this area.

  • People like the idea of getting back to nature. A lot of people like making sure that they eat what is grown right around them. And some couples have decided to go help out on a farm for their honeymoon. That seems a little weird to me, but whatever the couple wants.
  • Remember that summer you took that road trip adventure? Why not try that with your new spouse? This will give you plenty of time to talk and make plans for your marriage. You will also learn more about each other as  the two of you decide where to stop along the way. Now most couples like to stay in nicer places for their wedding trip, so you might want to plan where you will stop each evening.
  • Some couples want to go on a cruise for their honeymoons. Others do not be on a ship with thousand of other people for this special trip. The  alternative would be to go on a luxury cruise, which usually take less than a hundred passengers. On these you will get an unparalleled level of service.

I think we are going to get back to this tomorrow. Please let me know your thoughts.

Some of the best places to unplug

I know I talk a lot about unplugging when you go on vacations. But personally I do not do that much. I will probably take sometime off around Thanksgiving and Christmas, depending on what my family does. I really enjoy what I do. And I feel like since there are times that I can not work, it is good for me to work when I can. Besides the things I consider necessary to “work” each day only take me a couple of hours.

But what do you do when you really want to relax? Let’s take look at some places you might want to go when you truly want to get away from everything.

  • First, let’s look at a place where cell phones are not even allowed in public. The place is Tecate, Mexico. This is a place which will have extremely limited internet and cell service wherever you go.
  • In Costa Rica, there is this place called El Silencio Lodge and Spa. You are told to silence your phones. There are is no tvs. So will you do? You can learn to cook or paint. You can also go on eco adventures.
  • Believe it or not, there is a place in Malibu, California which encourages you to leave your devices and your cares behind. You are going to have beautiful places to hike and explore.

I would love to know any questions you might have about any of this.