Why taking a vacation is important for your career

The holiday season kind of started around Thanksgiving, and I’ve taken not one until two long weekends off. I also know that the end of this month and most of January is going to be pretty crazy for me. There are all kinds of projects I’d like to start. I’ll just have to wait and see how much I can do.

I’m a travel agent, and I usually write either about a specific destination or some kind of travel advice. So why am I writing about how vacations improve your work life? First of all, because I’m experiencing this for myself right now. Before Thanksgiving, I think the last full vacation I took was this past summer, and I had started feeling pretty worn down. I am feeling much better and more able to really work now. But more importantly, I’m hoping to work with women who are running businesses of their own. As a business owner, sometimes it’s really hard to take time off. There is so much that you want to do, and I know that for me, whenever I get bored , and have internet, I tend to work. That’s just my default. So let’s look some reasons why you should take time away from work.

  • You know the feeling. You can think about one problem until you’ve worn yourself out, but you still can’t figure out the solution. Taking a break from the problem will almost always help you figure out the solution.
  • Taking a break will help you get you out of your routine. Everyone gets bored when they do the same thing day after day. Doing something different will help get you excited about what you are doing.
  • Not only does your body get tired of your routine, so does your body. Even when you aren’t doing any physical work, which is a problem in and of itself, work always has a certain amount of stress with it. Taking time away to enjoy yourself, especially those you love, is going to help your body.
  • Our brains need to take breaks too. There is only so much information they can absorb at a time. Doing something totally different is going to help you recharge.. Doing things like taking a cooking class, learning about history that you enjoy, taking a scuba class will all aid in recharging your brain.


Let’s look at this more tomorrow. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of this.

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