More travel tips

I’m kind of feeling like I’m in between in a lot of ways. I’m in between travel agent hosts, don’t think I’ve found the right one yet. But with Christmas coming up, and more importantly needing to practice the new communication device I’m trying to get, I’m just doing what has to be done day to day, and putting other things off until after the holidays and our celebrations.

Anyway, let’s get back to these travel tips.

  • Especially if you’re going out of the country, sometimes it’s best to buy travel insurance. Insurance can help you when things are lost or stolen. It will also help if you have a medical emergency or something like that.
  • Remember what your mother said when you were going to camp? “Don’t forget to pack your underwear”. In fact, this is something that you will want to take extra of. An alternative to this would be washing your things out in the sink.
  • The article that I’m reading says that you might want to pre plan your outfit so that you aren’t wearing all the same colors in all your pictures. Personally, I would care a lot more about comfort and clothes you aren’t especially attach to on a trip.
  • Since checking bags now costs, a lot of people are putting everything they’ll need in their carry ons. Even if you are going on an extended trip, you will want to pack your essentials in your carry on box. Here I’m talking about your toothbrush and toothpaste, some clothes, your camera  and hings like that.
  • Please stay hydrated during those long flights. I know it’s fun to drink free booze, but that will not help your cause at all. Drinking too much will also really not help you get through your jetlag.

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