Some more travel tips

I have an evening with some dear friends planned, which will be a treat. But let me get through work stuff before I get into other stuff.

  • Put your hotel address and room number into your phone when you arrive. You are going to be jetlagged. You’re likely going to be spending long days playing tourist. It is easy to forget mundane, but important things like this.
  • Let your credit card company and bank know about your travel plans. You don’t want to be to use your cards while you’re away, do you? Let them know where you will be when, so that they don’t think someone else has your cards and shut you down.
  • And you know the saying, “Do not put all your eggs in one basket”? Do not keep all your money and cards in the same. Keep some on each person traveling. Keep other money in your hotel room.
  • It is a good idea to put sunscreen on before you leave your hotel room. You might not know what all the day could hold as far as weather. You will also want to keep some with you.
  • People from other parts of the world are going to need do things differently. That is just a fact of life. And you will like some of the things and not like others.

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