Do not be stressed out on vacation

I’m kind of feeling like I’m in the middle of a lot of different things. I’m getting a new communication device, and while I have the new communication device to borrow, I’m trying to figure out how things work, trying to figure out the computer stuff and all that. I haven’t decided on a host agency, just haven’t had a lot of time to figure that out. Between the new communication device and traveling, time just doesn’t seem to be plentiful. I’m also trying to get my writing out there better, but again that’s a very slow process, especially these days.

I know I’ve said this before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but I have several things coming up in January, mostly visits with out of town family. I don’t know how much I am going to work during that time, we’ll just see how everything goes..

America seems to live on stress, but being stressed all the time is horrible for our bodies. Today let’s look at some tips that should help you get more out of your vacations.

  • It is nto feel like you have all your work done and all your ducks in a row before you leave town. But remember that you’ll always have a lot to catch on once you return. No amount of preparation will enable you to come home to quiet and easy days at work. And try not to stress if everything does not get done before you leave.
  • The world will go on if you don’t leave your phone number and e-mail where you’ll be the whole time you’re on vacation. You are going away for a reason, and that reason is not to work. Limit the times you check your phone. Don’t leave your number if you don’t have to.
  • Things are going to happen when you’re on vacation that you wish wouldn’t. Maybe your flight will be delayed. Maybe your hotel isn’t what you expected. Don’t worry about it. Learn to go with the flow. Focus on enjoying the people you are vacationing with. Take the book you’ve been wanting to read. It’s time to just relax.
  • This is not the time to brainstorm your next big project at work. This is a time to relax and just be still. If you see something you want to do just for the fun of it, go for it. Don’t think of all that is waiting for you once you get home. Enjoy where you are at the moment.

The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun

Sometimes you just want to vacation somewhere where nothing will be required of you. You don’t want to have to do any kind of cooking, cleaning or anything else. If that sounds like your type of vacation, you might want to check out The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun. Let’s look at some of what they have to offer.

  • They have a suite that is perfect the family. This suite has a kids’ room next to an adults room. The kids’ room’s fridge comes stocked with candy bars, milkshakes, soda and water.
  • Teens are going to have their own lounge. Teens actually designed this place. They’ll enjoy a lot of cool snacks, including a lot of ice cream. They’ll have the chance to surf the web and play games together.
  • Let’s not forget the adults. They’ll get a king sized bed. Their bedroom will have a private balcony. And they’ll get a very nice bathroom, complete with a double whirlpool tub. They’ll have their own stocked mini bar. You will have a lot of activities to choose from. For starters, do you want to do things as an entire family, or do you want to do things as a couple? A mixture of the two will be perfectly acceptable as well. They’ll have a great pool. They’ll have bowling. They have an excellent spa.

And of course, you’ll have several choices when it comes to restaurants and night clubs. I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

More reasons to visit Nassau

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We’re going to continue with what we started yesterday in Reasons to visit Nassau

  • A lot of people would rather be given the gift of experience instead of a gift they may or may not use. Giving your family a trip to Nassau might be one of the best gifts you could give them. It’s likely more than some would spend, but it might be worth it considering the time you’ll spend together.
  • Nassau has some very nice resorts. You will have to do no cooking or cleaning on this trip. Want some help with your kids? I’m sure we can find a resort that has a kids’ club.
  • Have you been to Nassau in previous years? Tired of it? They’re always building new restaurants and clubs for your enjoyment. Even if you’ve been there several times there will still be new places for you.
  • But why now? There are actually some some excellent travel deals that are going on right now. I would love to help you book a trip if you are interested. Please let me know.

Reasons to visit Nassau

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It’s rather nasty outside, but I’m not complaining. It’s actually turning into a great day to get work done. I’ve actually started on a big project I have wanted to do for sometime, but I haven’t felt like I had the time lately. However, it’s started, and I’m having a great time working through this. I do want to make sure that this gets done, so let’s get started.

If this winter weather has you down, it might be time to look into a beach trip. Here are some reasons you might want to consider Nassau .

  • Junkanoo days, which happen in late December, are some of the most exciting times that happen on this island. I say that, though it’s really the nights that are so full of festivities. They will have parades each night.
  • Do you like to run? Do you want to be known for liking to run? There is a marathon that takes place January thirteenth and fourteenth. Those brave enough can run the whole thing. There is also a half marathon and a 5K.
  • Is part of your winter angst that you can’t enjoy your favorite sport? Nassau has two great golf courses. Any resort you go to should have tennis courts as well. They will also have racquetball most anywhere you would want to stay.
  • Do you know sunlight is extremely good for your health? It boosts your immune system, and makes us happier and brighter. Why not treat yourself to some fun in the sun time?
  • I mainly listen to either Christian or country music, and so I don’t know much about these stars. But Kool and the Gang will be performing live at the Atlantis resort on New Year’s Eve. Don’t like them? How about Sting? They will also be performing live on New Year’s Eve.

I love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Why taking a vacation is important for your career #2

I’m getting a late start, and have several things I hoping to accomplish. I’m still looking for the right host agency. That is just taking longer than I would like.. And for the past few months I haven’t even done much looking, much less writing, but I want to get into that much more.. The past months I’ve worked, but it feels like I’ve just done what “I’ve had to do”, and there have been a lot of different reasons for that. I’m trying to figure out how to do everything that I would like to do and in which order. I always want to do the things I know I have to do first, and then get on to the bigger projects. But lately I do not seem to have much time for the big projects..

But anyway… Let’s get back to discussing Why taking a vacation is important for your career.

  • Obviously more people taking vacations, booking through me, would make me happy. And this is because I would not only be making money, I would also be helping people.. But people need change. They need time to leave the cares of work behind.
  • Vacations are also great times to network. You are going to be new people as you travel. And what is one of the first questions anyone asks? Isn’t it, “What do you do for a living”? This might be an excellent times to drum up new business. However, I would recommend not making that the focal point of your trip.
  • I run this business by myself, so if I’m not working nothing is getting done. But for people who are working with others, they can see how their team does without them. They will be able to see any problem areas they need to work on.enjoy planning
  • Vacations tend to make everyone happier. A lot of t of people even enjoy planning vacations. [Some actually make a career out of it, ha ha ha]. And besides, taking a vacation might help you remember how much you enjoy being with your family.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.

Why taking a vacation is important for your career

The holiday season kind of started around Thanksgiving, and I’ve taken not one until two long weekends off. I also know that the end of this month and most of January is going to be pretty crazy for me. There are all kinds of projects I’d like to start. I’ll just have to wait and see how much I can do.

I’m a travel agent, and I usually write either about a specific destination or some kind of travel advice. So why am I writing about how vacations improve your work life? First of all, because I’m experiencing this for myself right now. Before Thanksgiving, I think the last full vacation I took was this past summer, and I had started feeling pretty worn down. I am feeling much better and more able to really work now. But more importantly, I’m hoping to work with women who are running businesses of their own. As a business owner, sometimes it’s really hard to take time off. There is so much that you want to do, and I know that for me, whenever I get bored , and have internet, I tend to work. That’s just my default. So let’s look some reasons why you should take time away from work.

  • You know the feeling. You can think about one problem until you’ve worn yourself out, but you still can’t figure out the solution. Taking a break from the problem will almost always help you figure out the solution.
  • Taking a break will help you get you out of your routine. Everyone gets bored when they do the same thing day after day. Doing something different will help get you excited about what you are doing.
  • Not only does your body get tired of your routine, so does your body. Even when you aren’t doing any physical work, which is a problem in and of itself, work always has a certain amount of stress with it. Taking time away to enjoy yourself, especially those you love, is going to help your body.
  • Our brains need to take breaks too. There is only so much information they can absorb at a time. Doing something totally different is going to help you recharge.. Doing things like taking a cooking class, learning about history that you enjoy, taking a scuba class will all aid in recharging your brain.


Let’s look at this more tomorrow. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of this.

How taking a vacation is actually good for your career

I think, I hope, I’ll be settling into work for a while… For at least a couple of weeks anyway, I know that the end of December and most of January will be pretty busy for me. I’m not sure how much I am going to be able to work. But right now I’m fired up, have several ideas of projects I’d really like to start.I know there is work\life balance, but I’m not sure what exactly that looks like for me. However, a lot of Americans simply do not take time off from work.

  • I know I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but Americans  are not taking time off of work. They are worried about losing their jobs, and that is true whether or not they like their job. They think working all the time is going to impress the boss. The other problem is that they see the work just piling up, just waiting for them to return.
  • Another problem is that many Americans love their work and get a lot of satisfaction from what they do. They feel like they do not get the same level of accomplishment in other areas of their life. [And I think that may be a problem in my own life. Being disabled, I know I’m accomplishing something when I’m working, otherwise there’s not much I can do.]
  • Some Americans are truly addicted to their work. They do not like time off, even for things like eating or sleeping. They do not make enough time for their families or to enjoy hobbies.

Today we’ve kind of looked at the problem. I’d love to hear if anyone relates to this problem. We’ll look more at this topic tomorrow.

Is America safe to visit?

I’m from Georgia, the state, I know that there is also a country named Georgia. Things have gotten pretty crazy here in the States. We’ve had mass shootings and things that for a while. It’s sad. But on the other hand, things are getting pretty crazy everywhere we turn.

But the thing is, the United States is pretty safe. This is a huge country with a lot of different kinds of people and places. And in a country this big there are many different kinds of people. Still let’s look at some things you can do to help to keep you safe.

  • We have the news on everywhere you turn around. We have tvs in hotel rooms and in the lobby. News is on a lot of restaurants. Pay attention to it.
  • It is best to keep your money on your body at all time. I know people who keep it in their bras or places like that. Keep it where you know you can feel it if anyone messes with it.