Taking a break as a mother #3

Just to let you know, things have come up in my family, and I do not think I am going to work tomorrow. I’ve said it before, January is going to be a pretty crazy month for me.

We’ve been talking about mothers gets away from time to time. It is good for us to step away and have time just by ourselves. Make it a time to do the things you enjoy, like sleeping late, reading a good book, or even binge watching your favorite shows or movies.

  • I know we kind of already talked about this, but dads can and should watch their kids from time to time. In my family, Mom was always the one to keep order and make sure everything was done right. Hey, she had eight children,, order was necessary for survival. When Mom left us for a day or two with Dad, it was a time to order pizza, eat more dessert and watch tv.
  • Having Mom gone is a treat for the children too. Any time you do something different, it seems fun, especially when you are young. It is a time for children to bond with Daddy.
  • Another thing you might want to consider is taking the children to the grandparents, and have your home to yourself for a while. This way you have all the comforts of your own home while enjoying the quiet.

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