Some remote vacation spots

I have longer than I thought I would.. So what is your idea of the perfect vacation? Is it milling about in crowds everywhere you go? Or are you more the type that wants to see no one when you go on vacation? This post is for the latter.

  • Mazatlan is actually a place where you can experience both crowds and solitude. The city is putting a lot of money into it to make the city nicer for everyone. This is especially true of their downtown area. The article I’m reading does not make clear when the place will be quiet. But I’m sure I could figure it out for you if you are interested.
  • The South Pacific may be quite popular. But there are places you still can go to see the natural beauty. Getting away from the tourist traps will allow you to hear the natives’ stories. If this is what you are going for, you will want to opt out of the cruises and go for a land vacation instead.

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