Shore excursions

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People make all kinds of resolutions at the beginning of the new year. Some people make resolutions about work. Other people make resolutions about spending more time with their family. Others determine to see more of the world. If taking your first cruise is on your bucket list for this year, but you don’t know much about cruising yet, you might want to read on.

First, you may be asking what a shore excursion is. To put it simply, excursions are when you get off your cruise ship to take the tours. Some cruises give you your excursions at no extra charge, other cruises charge for anything extra that you do. Generally, that depends on how much you spend on the cruise in the first place, but there are exceptions to this.

On a typical shore excursion, you will be taken to your destination shortly after you finish breakfast. You will usually be part of a guided tour which will allow you to see a lot more of the city than if you struck out on your own.

A lot of cruises these days have themes. And some excursions will have themes as well.. If you are on a culinary cruise, one of your excursions might be a day with a chef. You might also want to do a more customized excursion if you have been to your particular destination on previous trips.

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