Saving money on travel in 2018

Our world is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to technology. We live in the age of on demand tv and smart phones, where even small children know how to work these phones. Whether you love it or hate it, online shopping is becoming more and more a thing that’s here to stay.. So in this new world of ours, how do we save money on travel. Let’s look at some ways today.

  • E newsletters are becoming more and more popular. Do a search for travel newsletters. When you find some that you like, sign up for them. You will likely hear about deals this way.
  • Have you signed up for AAA? Do you know that they want not only good for roadside assistance, but can also score you some great deals on discounted air and hotels. Joining AARP can also get you some discounts.
  • And who doesn’t love Google Alerts? You will be able to choose how often you receive the assists so you won’t get a ton of e-mail. To save on travel, you will want to search things like “flash flight sale”, “flight deals”, or “hotel deals”.
  • Are you on Twitter? Following your favorite travel companies will get you some deals as well.

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