Food on airlines

I am going to attempt to do this. I’m fighting jetlag, but I’m ready to get back into a more normal working routine. So let me get started on this.

I was on the plane for about ten hours yesterday, and I was on another plane about five the evening before. On the five hour flight, we were given nothing to eat or drink. I guess this was because it was a night flight. On our way over on the shorter flight, we were given several opportunities to buy refreshments. On the way over, the long flight was the night flight. On each we were given two meals, but on the flight home, we were given more snacks. So that got me wondering about what the guidelines are when it comes to food when you are flying.

  • First, you are allowed to bring food in your carry-on. It looks like the main restrictions on that are, you still have to meet the weight guidelines, and you have to be really careful when it comes to bringing liquids  with you on a plane. And they’ll consider things like yogurt to be liquid.
  • First class flyers are going to get nicer food and beverages. That is just something they’ll do for you when you pay the higher price. And unless you are on an extremely short flight, you can count on being fed.
  • But what about us regular folks? Well, it depends on which airline you’re flying with. Each airline is going to have certain points of time where they are going to give you a meal or snacks on the house. That is going to vary considerably. Your best bet is going to be to check with the airline you want to fly with.

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