Some good cities to take a family vacation

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I have several other things I would like to get to today. I still need to work on figuring out a host agency. Well actually, I think I’ve found the right one, I just need to join. I’m also wanting to get into this writing article project more.

First, let’s take a look at why taking a vacation in a city might be a wise idea. In cities things are usually pretty compact. You are likely going to be able to walk to a lot of different places from your hotel. Cities are also more likely to have public transportation. You are also going to have some fun options when it comes to what to eat. So now let’s look at some individual cities.

  • I know I’ve brought this one up before, but the nation’s capital is a great place to take a vacation. My favorite aunt used to live near D.C., so I’ve been there a few times. They have the National Zoo there, which is nice whether you love animals or just want to get out and do something with people you love. They have the Smithsonian which is a whole system of museums you can explore.
  • Looking for a city that will have lots on the Revolutionary war? Why not try Boston? This is where a lot of the Revolution took place. They will also have an excellent aquarium as well as some nice parks.
  • Think Vegas is just for adults? Think again. There is a lot of amusement park stuff on the famous Strip. There will also be some nice parks and museums for your enjoyment.

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