Cruise news


Did you know that cruises make excellent vacations for the families? You will find many cruises to be pretty all inclusive in nature. You are also going to find things on any cruise that will interest everyone in your family. Does your family love to learn all about cooking, or art, or history together? There are cruises that are specifically designed to aid you in your quest. Today, let’s look at some cruise news.

  • Cruiselines are always building new ships to their fleet. Guests love the feeling of trying the newest thing. Unfortunately, Hurtigrutenhas had to stop production on its latest ship. And this is because there are problems with the sshipyard taking more time because of the complexity of the project.
  • A cruise is almost the only way you are going to see Antarctica, unless you actually want to become a scientist and go and study there. And a cruise is probably going to be much more comfortable anyway. Hurtigrutenhas cruises that will take you to Antarctica. Small ships are going to allow for easy access while still allowing you all the comforts of home.
  • The race is on as to which cruiseline is going to be able to boast of the highest internet speeds on a ship. Carnival corporation is trying to get in the race with its Princess cruiselines. The internet speeds on these ships is almost what we are able to get on land.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. I would also love to help you and your family book a cruise. Please let me know if you are interested.


Family fun at Oasis

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I have several ideas of things I want to do for the business. I think I am going to look up some influencers who are passionate about the family… Why? Because I love the family, and want to use this family to help families grow together. But before I start into that, I want to make sure all my other work gets done. So let’s get started.

Spring breaks is going to be here before we know. And it is definitely not too early to start planned your summer vacations. On that note, today let’s talk about oasis, and some of what it has to offer families.

Your first question is likely going to be, where are these resorts located? Oasis has . Tulum, Mexico and Cancun. And now, let’s look at some of what these properties have to offer.

  • Like most resorts, these places are going to have a kids club where your children can be entertained during the day. But unlike a lot of kids’ clubs I see, there does not seem to be any kind of educational program. Remembering back to when I was a kid, I don’t think I would have liked to do educational stuff on my vacation. These clubs have waterslides and a place where kids can enjoy the beach here. Another thing that I haven’t seen anywhere else is that the kids are going to have their own restaurant which seems like it is going to be in this kids’ club. They will serve foods like pizza and hamburgers.
  • What will you be doing while your kids are enjoying their fun? Well, start your morning right by doing yoga. Indulge yourself with a couples’ massage. Enjoy a candlelit dinner.
  • But, you may be saying, can families spend time together as a family? Isn’t that what your business is all about? Yes, that is what my business is about. And yes, families will be free to enjoy as many meals together as you want? There are beautiful beaches you can enjoy together.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. And of course, what I would love even more is to help you to book a vacation please let me know if you are interested.

More often overlooked destinations

There is a lot I would like to get done today. I would love to find a way to get some more clients. I am going to be looking into that later today.And please, let me know if you are interested in working with me on a trip, or know someone that is.  This idea I have to write article sis still something I want to pursue, but it’s turning into more of a project. I am going to figure this out. It’s a good thing I love what I do, because I am going to be busy… But first, let me make sure this gets done. Let’s get back to discussing some lesser known places.

  • First of all, you might want to try the Black Hills and Badlands in South Dakota. They have a lot of different museums you can explore. There are also casinos you might want to try. Oh, and while you are there, you might want to try all little place called Mount Rushmore. I hear this is a pretty fascinating place if you like old presidents.
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee is an absolutely beautiful place. It is not only a beautiful place in the mountains, it is home to Lookout Mountain where you can see parts of five states. Chattanooga also has the largest fresh water aquarium which is great for families.
  • Growing up, my family homeschooled, and Baltimore was somewhere we would live for a month or two a couple of times. Harper’s Ferry made a great homeschool field trip, because it had so much to do with the Civil War. And if your family is looking for some fun, they have rivers to swim in and places to hike. Do you want to try to go to San diego and Los Angeles? You might also want to try Catalina Island. You will be able to go ziplining, visit their historic casino, or tour the island by boat.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Some lesser known places you might want to visit this summer

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Summer is going to be here before you know it. Do you know what you are going to do for summer vacation. [I know spring break comes first, if you want help planning a trip, please let me know. I would love to help.] If You have kids complaining that you always do the same thing year after year, maybe you should take a closer look at some of the places we are going to look at today.

  • Ever been to Rockford, Illinois? This place has some nice museums. They also have many nice restaurants for you to eat in and shops for you to explore.
  • Is your family into water sports? You might want to vacation on Lake Michigan on Mackinac island. They have a beautiful older hotel where you might want to stay. You will be able to enjoy a lot of different kinds water sports, horseback riding, as well as some festivals you might want to take part  [I thought the picture was so pretty, I put it in at the top.]
  • I’m guessing most everyone has heard of Fort Lauderdale, but have you heard of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea which is also in Florida? This is a pretty quiet place. You will find inexpensive accommodations here, and most of the hotels are within walking distance of Anglin’s Square where you will find a lot of nice restaurants and shops.
  • Ocean City, Maryland is a pretty well known, fairly typical beach town with many things for families to do and a lot of nightlife. However, if you’re looking for a quieter beach experience, you might want to try the surrounding Worcester County which has some beautiful beaches of it’s own.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of this. Please let me know.

Random news


Sometimes I think of what I want to write about without looking at anything. Most often, I’ll look at travel news and get an idea from that. But sometimes there are several things I want to say a little something about. Today we are going to look at several little things.

  • Marriott wants to start something new with breakfasts at their chain named Aloft. The hotel chain wants to do something for all the foodies out there, even though they do not have a full service restaurant in their hotels. You are going to be able to order your breakfast, and they will  make it according to your wishes.
  • When you are at an  airport, most people want to get on their flight as quickly as possible. You are already go an hour early for domestic lights, or two for international. People have done research on n which airlines leave on time most often. [And by on  time, they mean within fifteen teen minutes of the original departure time.]They have found that Delta,  Japan Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.

I would love to hear any questions you may have about any of this. I would also love to help you book your next trip. Please let me know if I can help you.

Some Disney news

We talk about hotel news. We talk about airline news. And I know we have talked about cruise news several times. But today let’s look at some news coming from Disney.

  • Marvel’s new hit movie, “Black Panther”, is coming to Disneyland. Kids love meeting the characters they daydream about becoming one day. Please Note that you will only be able to meet Black Panther for a limited time.
  • The Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World has won a lot of awards through the years. One of the latest awards given is the upgrade from a four star to a five star for its restaurant Victoria and Albert. This is one of the highest quality resorts at the park.
  • Animal Kingdom is about to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. The celebration will take place between April twenty-second through May fifth. Going to the celebration means that you will have special animal encounters, get to sample specialty desserts, and take part in family friendly activities.
  • Speaking of Animal Kingdom, a baby hippo has been born there for the first time in thirteen years. He came last month, and his name is Augustus.


I would love to know any questions you might have about any of this. I would also love to help you book a trip to Disney. Please let me know if you are interested.

Things to do in Mexico City

I always say that I’d rather busy than bored. And right now, work is keeping me busy.. Right what I consider essential is to make sure that this gets done, to check e-mail and to go through my Facebook groups. I have added trying to write some on an article each. I’m also trying to get through some travel agent classes, and then reading up on how to get some more clients.. It’s kind of a lot, but I really do enjoy everything I do and enjoy the variety. I am seldom bored.

Okay, have you ever thought about visiting Mexico City, but aren’t what you might do there? Today let’s look at some attractions you might want to try.

  • The first place you might want to try is the market. You are going to find everything under the sun at this other. You will find clothes and hats, household goods and toys. This is also a great place to get lunch.
  • Chapultepec Park is a great to go when you just want to chill out. There are places you can sit in the shade. They also have paddleboats on the lake for you to enjoy. Tired of the outdoors? Try their museum of anthropology.
  • Do you love history? You might want to take a tour of Teotihuacan. It was once home to thousands of people. Now you will see pyramids and get a glimpse of the city’s past.
  • You might also want to take an afternoon cruise on an Xochimilco. Mexico City has a lot of canals, and they have beautiful boats to explore these canals on. And sometimes you will get a concert as you cruise.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of this. Please let me know.

Change the way you vacation


It is no secret that everyone in America is busy. Most adults work, whether they’re married or not, and not only are they working, they are trying to build a career, meaning they’re working 40+ hours, they’re meeting with other people for business dinners trying to get ahead. Children are also busy with school, sports and whatever else they want, or things parents decide they have to do? And then when we do get away on vacation, a lot of us tend to feel like we have to do what everyone else is doing on vacation. And that usually means we’re even busy running around on vacation, and not getting the rest we need to go back to our crazy lives.

Yes, I know everyone is different when it comes to what they like to do on vacations. Some people like to go somewhere and la by the pool and just read or visit with family and friends. Others would consider that to be the most boring vacation ever. Some people find taking adventures with their families to be relaxing. Others want to explore new ideas on their getaways.

Obviously, you want to enjoy your vacation. No one wants to come to come home and say, “well, I was just bored on my vacation.” But surely there has to is a balance between play and rest while you’re on vacation.

There are resorts and cruises that will cater to almost any interest, whether you’re a foodie, a sports enthusiast, or a history buff… I would love to know your thoughts about all this. What would your ideal vacation look like? How much do you do? Is there a place you would like to go and try out? I would love to hear your answers to any of these questions.

Tour of the DC monuments

Today is President’s Day. So today let’s talk about a tour of the national monuments.

A lot of the monuments are on the National Mall, so they are pretty easy to get to in one day. It is even easy to do a walking tour. It is usually best not to drive if you can help it. You are going to have bad traffic, parking is a nightmare, and it is pretty easy to get lost.

  • The Washington monument, which is the really tall, white monument, is one place that does require tickets if you want to ride to the top. I don’t think you have to pay anything, I think they just want to know how many are going up.. However, I should warn you that they are currently working on repairs and won’t allow anyone up. Look on the National Parks website to see when it will open up again.
  • The Lincoln Memorial is a very nice place, lots of room for the little ones to run around without worrying about disturbing other visitors. You will also have a nice view of the water. His famous Gettysburg address is written on the windows there. And he thought that what was said there wouldn’t be long remembered.

Traveling with grandparents #2

It’s Saturday, guys. I’m ready to get my work things done. And I’m not 100% sure what is going to happen on Monday. I am going to be with my family.. So anyway, let’s get to some more tips on traveling with grandparents.

  • Think about your family’s interests. Is there one thing your whole family together? Some families love to go camping together. Other families love to go on cruises together. Do you know what type of families yours is.
  • In my line of work, I do a lot of reading about different trips families together. And one thing I keep reading is that Disney is a great place to take a multi generational trips. Children are going to be entertained on these trips obviously. And older kids and adults are going to love some of the rides and a lot of the shopping and cool restaurants they have. And grandparents? Grandparents just love it when their family is having fun together, and being able to watch them have that fun.
  • Where are you going to stay? Hotels may be less expensive. But when a larger family gets together, there are always logistics to work out. Who is going to sleep where? How many rooms do you need? Will you be able to coordinate children’s nap times with grandparents’ nap times? Some alternatives to hotels would be staying at a resort or even renting a house where everyone can stay.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.