Plan a surprise romantic getaway


Valentine’s Day is coming up. Have you thought about what you want to do for your spouse? If you feel like you’ve been running around in circles, too busy doing life to really spend time together, perhaps it’s time for a romantic getaway. Maybe youould try to plan a surprise getaway. Here are some ideas that will help get you started.

  • You will first to check your schedules. Surprising someone with a trip when that person has a huge project looming often will not turn into a happy experience for anyone.
  • Where will you go? Do you have time for an international adventure? Or are you thinking more of a quick trip to a cabin somewhere? If you’re planning this on the fly, booking a nice hotel, close to where you live, works well.
  • One of the points of this trip is to get away from everyone else for a while, so make arrangements for your children. Are your parents itching for time with their grandbabies? Or maybe you have a brother or sister or friend who could watch them? You are going to want to make sure that is set up pretty early in your planning process.

We are going to look at this more tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts.

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