Multi-generational travel

I am going to be honest, today has felt like a Monday. We lost the internet, again, yesterday. I think, I hope, we’ve figured out the problem and we shouldn’t have to worry about it for quite a while now. But we’ll see what happens… I’m trying to figure out my host agency stuff, kind of talking to several people at once. It will get figured out eventually.. But anyway, let’s talk about travel.

More specifically, today let’s talk about multi-generational travel. Things have changed a lot since the days where it was almost unheard of for you to be born on one farm and basically not travel more than a couple of hundred miles away from your homestead in your lifetime. Today it’s almost unheard of if we do not away from our hometown. And so families are spread out that it’s hard to make time to actually be together. That is the beauty of multi-generational travel. Today let’s look at some tips you can use to make your multi-generational travel expression the best it can be.

  • First, make sure to pick a destination that everyone is going to enjoy. It is usually best to pick somewhere that is near a beach, or least has a nice pool that everyone can enjoy. Kids love the water, and grandparents love watching their darling grandchildren in the water.
  • You do not have to spend every single second together as an entire family. I know that in my family, a lot of times everyone will split into little groups and go do different things during the day, and then everyone will gather together again in the evening. It is wise to talk about what your family sees as the goals of the trip before you even start your.
  • You will also want to talk about the needs everyone in your family group will need. Is someone going to need special accommodations? Is anyone on a diet and will need specific food on the trip. Might you want to arrange at least one evening where your family is eating in a room separate from any other guests?

If you have taken a multi-generational trip, I would love to hear about your experiences. Please let me know.


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