Random news

Have you ever had things you wanted, and needed, to do, but you kept putting them off? Well, that’s been me. I kept doing the things that I had to do each day, thinking that I would get to the other projects. But then I would always be too tired to start on anything. Today I’ve started on the bigger projects first, and feel like I’ve gotten a lot done already.

Today let’s look at some random news stories that are effecting travel today.

  • First, Marriott has dropped its commission from the standard 10% to just 7%. Many travel agents are not happy bout it and are encouraging their guests to book other hotels. Personally I think that is kind of silly and may be trying to join Marriott soon.
  • Marriott is also buying a property in Vegas that has been closed since 2009. The plan is to fix this place up into a really nice resort. There will be entertainment and several restaurants right there on the property. Of course, you’ll also be on the Vegas strip.
  • A lot of resorts in Vegas are charging more on their resort fees, because they can and because it’s simply more money in their pockets. Part of the reason is, they’re upgrading their wifi. Many people are choosing to stay in hotels rather than these resorts.
  • I would love to hear your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.

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