Tour of the DC monuments

Today is President’s Day. So today let’s talk about a tour of the national monuments.

A lot of the monuments are on the National Mall, so they are pretty easy to get to in one day. It is even easy to do a walking tour. It is usually best not to drive if you can help it. You are going to have bad traffic, parking is a nightmare, and it is pretty easy to get lost.

  • The Washington monument, which is the really tall, white monument, is one place that does require tickets if you want to ride to the top. I don’t think you have to pay anything, I think they just want to know how many are going up.. However, I should warn you that they are currently working on repairs and won’t allow anyone up. Look on the National Parks website to see when it will open up again.
  • The Lincoln Memorial is a very nice place, lots of room for the little ones to run around without worrying about disturbing other visitors. You will also have a nice view of the water. His famous Gettysburg address is written on the windows there. And he thought that what was said there wouldn’t be long remembered.

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