Cruises to consider


Yesterday we were looking at some cruise news. Today let’s look at some cruises you might want to go on this year.

  • First we are going at Norwegian Bliss. They are going to Alaska this season. And Alaska is a popular place to cruise from from everything that I’ve was been reading. If you are going to go to Alaska,you’re likely going to want to hit several spots. And what better way to do that than from the comfort of a cruise ship?
  • Norwegian is also planning to go to another popular cruise destination, and that is Cuba. But Norwegian is actually combining Cuba with the Caribbean. You will also be visiting a couple of private islands along the way.
  • If you want to take a Paul Gauguin cruise, which is a luxury cruiseline, you might want to go to Polynesia. On this cruise, you will be places like Tahiti. This will be the perfect cruise for if water sports.
  • Are you fascinated by wines, and how they are made? You might try one of Amawaterways fifty cruises in Europe. You are going to meet winery owners and all kinds of interesting things.

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