More cruises you might want to try


I would love to book you ona cruise sometime this year. There are a wide variety of cruises, with things that might interest a lot of different types of people. So let’s look at some more cruises.

  • I’ma little partial when it comes to Disney, I know, but Disney does such a good job when it comes to families and their vacations. And from what I’ve read, their cruises are no exception. They have great kids’ clubs. They will have activities that are going to interest everyone. Their shows and entertainment are all prettier much family friendly, and family friendly entertainment is not easy to come by on other cruises. They will also have several great dining options, whether you want to dine as a family or as a couple.
  • Now let’s get a little more specific, Disney is partnering with Amawaterways to bring you some nice river cruises. Sounds like one of the cruises they are going done will be a Northern Europe cruise, and the theme will be Beauty and the Beast.
  • On a lot of voyages , you are going to have the opportunity to extend your vacation and go on a land tour as well. On these Disney cruises that we are talking about, the recommended tour is Disneyland. Here you will explore a lot of behind the scenes stuff for Beauty and the Beast.

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