Can service animals cruise?

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of animals. My siblings have pets, and I like them because whose when we’re with the pets we’re with the people. And this is not a post that will tell you to Fido on your trip just because you can’t stand to leave him home. There are disabled people who truly need the help of a service dog. And I’m also going to say this. , a lot of times, the people who need service dog the most do not have visible disability.

Anyway, stepping off of soap box now… Cunard is a cruiseline that will allow service animals to travel with their owners. The animals must have kennels. They must also have a pet passport and comply with the Pets Travel Scheme.. Okay, the kennel seems. But let’s look at what it takes to get a pet passport.

  • The United States does not require this, but it is a good idea to get a microchip put on your pet. This enables you to identify your pet in case you get separated from your pet.
  • Your pet needs to be caught up on its rabies shot . So go to your veterinarian, and make sure that gets taken care of.
  • Dogs must also be tested for screwworm and tapeworm.. Okay, basically your dog needs a clean bill of health from your veterinarian.

I would love to know your thoughts any of this. Please let me know.


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