Girl’s trip to NYC #2

  • I had this written yesterda, but I didn’t get it out.. I had some internet problems yesterday. So let’s look at some other things you might want to do in NYC.
  • Lady Liberty loves to welcome foreigners, so there are a lot of immigrants. And running a restaurant is something a lot of immigrants do, so you are going to find many good restaurants in the city. There are also some nice cafes where you can sit outside and watch all the people coming and going.
  • Do you want to get another good look at the city in general? Go to the Brooklyn Bridge. This is a place a lot of people hear about when they are talking about the Big Apple. You may also want walk what they call the High Line.
  • But this is a girl’s trip, so an important question would be, where do we shop? One place that is mentioned when it comes to shopping is SoHo. They have some of the big names there as well as some small boutiques. Fifth Avenue is another famous place to shop, especially during the Christmas season.
  • Another must on any girls’ getaway is getting a manicure together. Fortunately for you, there is a nail salon on just about any street corner

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