More about NYC

Let’s look some more at what you might want to do when planning a trip to New York City.

  • Okay, remember that I said that the city has a lot of great restaurants? Something you might want to consider is to go online and figure out which restaurants you would like to eat in, and make your reservations about a month in advance. Many of the restaurants are going to be hole in the wall places that will not have many tables. And let me tell you, there are a lot of people in this city.
  • If you are going to see places like the Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller center, the Metropolitan Museum, or the Empire State Building, you and your group should consider getting an Explorer Pass. Getting this will allow you to save money while allowing you a lot of flexibility.
  • This is not an inexpensive place to stay by any means. You might want to consider doing airbnb, especially if there are several of you who are going with airbnb, you are going to be able to get an apartment to yourselves.

I think that we are going to finish up this discussion on Monday. I would love to know your thoughts.

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