Multi generational travel #1


I know I talk about multi generational travel a lot. But this is getting to be more and more popular as time goes by. And I am a travel agent who really wants to work with families. And let’s get real for a moment here, as a travel agent who works solely on commission, the more people that go on a trip, and the more money that is spent, the more that I will make. So I would love to help you plan a multi generational trip, even if there might be a little more work involved.

Okay, so what is this thing called multi generational travel? It is not just grandparents taking their adult children, their spouses, and the couples’ children anymore. Couples are also taking their children who are in their twenties and thirties on vacations. And while the children are deciding where they go and what they do on these vacations, the parents tend to be the one footing the bills.. And this is not too surprising given that many adult children are moving back to live with their parents. But anyway. Another interesting thing is that with the adult children booking these trips, they aren’t booking the same trips year after year. They’re looking for new experiences and adventures. Where are they choosing to go?

Myanmar is an extremely popular destination with these type of groups. Costa Rica is another place these family groups like to visit.

What do they like to do on their trips? Well, the sky is kind of the limit. Are you big into the environment? There are a lot of vacations that will intrigue you. Are you foodies in your family? There are plenty of trips that will be of interest to you.

We are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow. I would love to help you plan your summer vacation. Please let me know if I can help you.

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