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I have to confess that I was pretty distracted yesterday, and was just trying to get something up on this blog. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that we had recently looked at river cruising because we were looking at silverseas. So today I think we are going to start taking a look at Europe, and more specifically, Switzerland. When you ask many Americans what their dream trip might be, many will say somewhere in Europe. Today let’s look at some reasons you might want to look at Switzerland when you are considering your next vacation.

First, this is an absolutely beautiful country. Have you ever heard of the Alps? Switzerland is home to part of this mountain range.

Switzerland is also fairly easy to get around in. They have a great transportation system. And from what I hear, all the transportation systems in Europe run pretty much on time.

  • It also will not hurt American tourists that pretty much everyone here speaks English. You should not have to worry about language barriers here.

This is a small country, but there are three distinct cultures here that you can explore. And who might be interested in visiting Switzerland?

  • Nature lovers might enjoy going. There are many great places to hike and explore.
  • Are you into snow skiing, camping fishing. This beautiful country is a place you might really enjoy as well.
  • And interestingly enough, the third group that might enjoy this country is luxury travelers. Enjoy fine food and wine at top resorts. Indulge in shopping excursions and spa treatments.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of this

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