St Kitts #4

Okay, we have established that St. Kitts has a lot of different things for people with varying interests will enjoy. We’ve said the island has a lot of different restaurants for any cuisine or formality level you’re craving. And we’ve also seen that there are many different kinds accommodate. Today let’s start by discussing some specific points of interests.

  • Basseterre is the island’s capitol, and will have a lot to do there. This is a great place for walking tours. You will find some beautiful architecture and monument. You will also find some beautiful gardens to walk in here. Enjoy their art galleries and markets.
  • Are you into natural wonders? Go see their volcano. You will also want to explore their rain forest.
  • Indulge in the shopping experiences that are found on the island. are several nice markets all kinds of things that the locals make. There is a lot of duty-shopping to be found here.
  • Like any other tourist’s place of interest, you are going to find an array of nightlife.. You will find clubs to dance the night away in. There are also casinos where you can get your games on.

I would love to know your thoughts about this.

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