London #1

Today let’s look at some of what is available in London. London is one of the top places that people want to go in Europe, along with Paris and Rome. London is the place of romance and royalty, of high teas and long ago adventures.

One of the reasons that London is once again gaining in popularity is because of the royal wedding that is about to take place between Prince Harry and Lady Meghan. Now I am sorry, but no one can marry at Westminister Abbey who is not royalty. However, there are definitely other places in London where couples can exchange their vows. If you love animals, there a couple of different places near the London Zoo where you are welcome to marry. You can also marry near famous works of art. Do you want be married in style? Try being married at May fair Fair. This is where the high society people go.

London has a lot of different hotels where you can stay. You can choose between inexpensive places and high end accommodations and pretty much anything in between.

This is a city where a lot of foreigners have gathered, so you are going to be able to sample all kinds of cuisine. And again you are going to find a lot of different ranges when it comes to how much you can get a meal for.

We are going to stop here. I think we are going to get back to this tomorrow, but I’m not 100% sure I am going to be online tomorrow


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